Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Second Series of Money Moment Wraps Shooting

With the first series of my TV show airing on Delta TV 4 since October, I am really pleased to say that we are almost done shooting the second series. And what a whirlwind it's been!

Dr. Robert Ironside, Author & Money Moment Guest
Last week, from Wednesday through Friday, Scott Lunn and I shot nine of the ten episodes. We'll do the final one this week on location with Som Seif, President of Claymore Investments, at the Hyatt in Vancouver. The guests were great and I think that by the time we shot the last four episodes on Friday, I had finally relaxed and was able to be more my chatty self on camera, rather than the stiff talking-head I've felt like until now.

One of the highlights of the shoot was my amazing make up artist (Jana Wachowski) who not only made me look great under the studio lights, she also used her mom-connections to outfit me for the show at the eleventh hour. I am so pleased with my wardrobe. Who knew that Mark's Work Wearhouse has such pretty business clothes for women? Another highlight was taping an episode at the BC Securities Commission. It's just nice to have an excuse to go downtown and the folks there were great.

How to See the Show
Maurice Freer, CGA & Money Moment Guest
Scott is busy in post-production—cutting and adding captions. Series Two will start airing on Delta Community TV 4 (Eastlink) in a few weeks. They will reach about 22,000 customers and will air 3 times every day. After they start airing on Delta TV 4, the episodes will be sent to Halifax where  they will be made available on-demand to Eastlink customers across Canada. Finally, they will make their way to Eastlink’s You Tube channel.

In the meantime, anyone can buy the complete first series on a DVD. The cost including taxes is $28.75 ($33.75 will get it shipped to you). Please email Scott to order at slunn@deltacable.com. Series Two will also be available on DVD soon.
Also, for those who are looking to reach a family audience with messages about their financial services or products, we do have sponsorship opportunities. Each Money Moment will air about 82 times as a filler between many of Delta TV’s most popular programs. Sponsorship tags or graphics can be purchased at reasonable rates. Please note that Delta TV is a community, not-for-profit station so the revenue from advertising goes back into the operating costs of the program. 

Hopefully this show will evolve into something bigger that will help improve our economy and the personal finances of many, many viewers.

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  1. Way to go! It was great fun to be a part of the series, thank so much for the invitation.