Thursday, December 29, 2011

The $0 New Year's Eve Party

Christmas is expensive and having kids to please doesn't make it any cheaper. I am dreading the arrival of the January credit card statements especially because I have a policy of never carrying a balance. I may just have to kick off the new year by dipping into my savings account to keep that policy alive unless I can limit my New Year's Eve party budget to zero dollars.

So if you are one of the (un)fortunate souls who is joining my family this year for New Year's Eve, here's a sneak peak at what the party may look like.

10 Ways to Party Like You're Broke

1. Send out invitations through Facebook. Event pages are free and easy to use. Your friends don't have to be Facebook users to get the invite. You can enter their email addresses manually.

2. Don't plan to drink alcohol unless you've still got a Christmas stockpile. Drink water or whatever else you have kicking around. Got leftover pop? Add some juice and make punch.

3. Don't shop for food. Use your holiday leftovers and comb those bottom and top shelves in your pantry for odds and ends that can be crafted into snacks for the party.

4. Out of napkins? Put out a roll or toilet paper or a box of Kleenex. It's tacky but it will make your guests chuckle.

5. If you have the urge to decorate, have the kids do some artwork. What are their dreams for the new year? Have them draw it. Or cut up your Christmas cards and make paper chains (with glue or tape) to drape across the living room. Or just keep the Christmas decorations up.

6. Dress up. Put on the fanciest clothes you have hanging in your closet. They are there anyways so you might as well use them. Go for your high heels, black ties and all.

7. Use the TV for background noise. There are always New Year Eve countdown specials on with live music and other family-friendly entertainment.

8. For kids' activities, play board or card games, have a dance party or sing-a-long and set the kids lose outside for a while with flashlights. Or, get out all the Lego and build the biggest tower you can as a group.

9. For adults, get a bunch of rocks from outside. Give everyone two rocks and a marker. Have everyone write their most special moment from the previous year on one rock and their biggest hope for the new year on the other. Have everyone share their stories and dreams.

10. Skip the made-in-China noisemakers. Go old-school and bang pots and pans at midnight.

All the best for 2012! 

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