Friday, September 16, 2011

Surrendering to Money

Surrender (verb). 1. to relinquish to another under duress or on demand: to surrender a city. 2. to relinquish or forego as a voluntary concession to another: he surrendered his place to a lady. 3. to give oneself up physically, as to an enemy. 4. to allow oneself to yield, as to a temptation or influence. 5. to give up.

Surrendering to money means...

Paying what you owe. It's possible to avoid creditors, for a while. It's possible to live on credit, until no one will lend to you anymore. It's possible to borrow endlessly from friends and family, until they start saying no. It's possible to burden your loved ones with your end-of-life expenses, if that is the legacy you wish to leave behind you. But wouldn't it be easier to surrender and pay what you owe?

Sharing what you have with others. Beyond shelter, food, clothing and basic cost-of-surviving expenses, what else do you need? Instead of surrendering to your wants, could you give that extra $20 in your pocket to someone who is struggling or who would benefit from some heart-felt compassion? Giving up money when you don't have to is an act of surrender, a powerful one.

Working hard, really hard. We give our time and talent in exchange for money. Respect that exchange. Embrace it. Give in to it. If you don't have much money, that may be because you have not surrendered to this fact of life. You have to get your body and mind out into the market place in order to make money.

Giving up luxuries unless you can afford them. Surrendering to money means surrendering to a budget. If you are living without a budget or far beyond your budget, then you have not surrendered to money. It means that you have been tempted by marketing ploys or influenced by unrealistic expectations.

Giving up the idea that you can live outside the economy. There is no outside. Michel Foucault, the French philosopher, was right. We are always inside society and always influenced by the powers and authorities that govern it. That includes the marketplace. You cannot escape money, not if you want to belong.

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